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tv   [untitled]    April 26, 2012 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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i would like to propose is, and give staff to the sunshine commission and said that a two- tiered process where they can handle some enforcement with some financial sanctions. if things require greater review, that could go to the ethics commission. thank you. >> good afternoon. let me say -- i want to thank you for getting together, finally. and attempting to work out your differences. you need to focus again on what the goal you are seeking to date is and that is getting citizens the right to public records. citizens having the ability to participate in open meetings. i was not here for the entire
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discussion. there were a couple of points that were mentioned. first of all, i do not think anyone from the task force has ever suggested that you would not have the ability to hear issues. the problem has been, you have never had -- i am sure you have read your grand jury report. i am sure that was one of the primary motivations of you having this joint meeting. no one is suggesting that you do not hear all the issues. what the public is asking the ethics commission to do is review the findings, the letters of determination by the task force, and determine if there is any merit. secondly, i heard a comment about the volume of cases. volume -- which should never be
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a criteria of whether or not you accept orders of determination for your trial. if you would began to hear some of the cases, i can assure you there would be less volume of cases and orders of determination by the task force. thank you very much. >> good afternoon. this meeting was a reassuring and a big relief. i do not know why it had to happen. because of that document. that deviated from where everyone was going. i recall the civil grand jury report, pointed out the executive director had too much influence on the commissioners.
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i recall that 96% of the sunshine complaints gets dismissed. they probably never get to the commissioners. similarly, whistle-blower retaliation complaints. not one has been sustained since this commission was founded. all of the investigations, the preparatory work is done by the staff. looking at the staff's proposal, you can see it the legal technicalities, the restrictions, the narrowing down of the intent. i think that is where the problem is.
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>> good afternoon, commissioners and staff and members of the public. my name -- i am a candidate for supervisor in district 7. 2012. this is all new to me. i have a case that was referred before you. i do not know if you will. . i did not know it would be referred, but i am glad that it was a -- that it was. the case took a lot of time and the sunshine taskforce worked hard on that. one of the things i am concerned about is a lack of open government. i want to commend all of you for all the hard work that you do. some of the stories i have heard, i do not know, but one of the things i will say is that i am very appreciative of the numerous hours the sunshine
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taskforce has spent. we are beginning to work with other people to invite them to participate in open government. as a person of color, i am very concerned about the lack of diversity at some of these meetings because i am not the only one who has a grievance. i am sure that our residents who are in hunters point or bayview or the mission district, they have reasons -- grievances as well. as the sunshine task force and the ethics commission, you have a lot of work to do. i'd to comprehend that everything political, even though we like to say it is not, it really is. some of these decisions to arrive that may not be something that you want to do because
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friends are involved, may be distant relatives, but you are here for the people. you are here for me. it is very difficult -- i hope that is not lost. you are here for all of san francisco. it is truly a very diverse city. until my case, people thought they were disenfranchised, they were in despair. i had to do something to help my community. you are here on behalf of all san franciscans, nearly a million of us. i hope you keep that in mind. and not this side of that. thank you. -- and not lose sight of that. thank you. >> executive director of library
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users association. i am somewhat encouraged by today's meeting and there certainly appreciate the time and effort that all of you love put into this. i certainly hope this will result in some type of action fairly soon. that will be a positive. mr. grossman referred to a 2004 case. that was my case against the library. even though the library did not even bother to show up for what they called an enforcement hearing, which the sunshine or dance task force held, even though they specifically said -- sunshine or dance task force held, even though they specifically said they would not show up at that hearing because they were unavailable, that kind of flouting of the law, including the finding of a
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violation, when this reached the ethics commission. in brief, there was no word of any kind from the ethics commission. i tried to contact someone from the ethics commission and say, despite all the possibly confusing papers you were getting, including papers were a case i had filed a your previous was slipped in with the records so that it was quite confusing to sort out comment i said it was fairly simple and i would be very happy to cooperate. it was a simple case of a request for information that the library refuse to satisfy. i never heard anything from the sunshine taskforce.
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it was with the ethics commission. i never heard anything from the at this commission ever again about that case -- ethics commission ever again about that case. i did not hear about anything about their process, nothing about their procedure, what the hearings might be. hearings are no hearings, how it worked. absolutely nothing. the way they've treated the way i found out about the ethics commission's dismissal was by chance when i visited a sunshine taskforce meeting and heard a passing reference to a letter that the ethics commission had sent. i certainly hope that all that you consider from here forward will include considerations of how you provide the justice to the public. thank you. >> this is a statement.
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as i read it come at bear in mind, please, that it was delivered to me verbally by telephone before this meeting began. shortly before this meeting began. "i was on the sunshine or dance task force for 7.5 years and was a chair or vice chair of the ethics commission from 2002 to 2004. i am the only person ever to serve on both bodies. i filed various complaints with the sunshine or dance task force, all were upheld by the task force, either unanimously or by all but one vote. the sunshine ordinance task force agreed with me, it gets all of my complaints were dismissed by the ethics commission.
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ethics said the complaint would not stand up in court. the sunshine ordinance does not say that complaints must be court sustainable. ethics is formulating a requirement that has no basis in law and is on known to anyone. in regard to the 123-page memo from ethics, this shows an attempt to avoid dealing with complaints by focusing on whether a violation was willful. there is an easier way to address this. there is a requirement of commissioners, department heads, and program managers, to take periodic training. people signed a declaration under penalty of perjury. thus, if an employee complaint against has signed that document, it is possible that they have been negligent in their retraining, and have
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committed perjury by signing it. its ethics simply looked at whether the sworn statements are filed, that is an easier way to establish whether there was negligence and culpability on the part of the respondent. ethics approach now is a hybrid legalistic and will discourage complaints from being filed. these observations are coming from the only person ever to serve on both the sunshine or dance task force and the ethics commission. -- sunshine ordinance task force and the ethics commission." >> i would like to thank the task force before your assistance. the commission for their work. the staff of both bodies. mr. grossman and the public. i think we all have a goal of trying to faithfully enforced the ordnance and we appreciate your help in helping us get
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get up on your feet and step to the beat. senior dance class is from sf rec and park. a great way to get out and play. >> for more information, supervisor wiener: welcome, everyone. i will call this meeting to order. this is the san francisco transportation finance committee. i'm the chairman and to my left is commissioner carmen chu, to my right is vice chair erik mar,
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and i expect the others will be here shortly. why don't we call item no. 2? >> approved of the march 13, 2012 meeting. >> is there any public comment on item number two? can we take that without objection? we will defer item #3 until the appropriate person is here. could you call item no. 4? >> recommend authorizing the executive director to execute a memorandum of agreement with the san francisco municipal transportation agency and planning department in the amount not to exceed $81,000 for the 19th avenue transit quarter investment study. >>supervisor wiener: commissionr
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david chiu has joined us. >> this is a request to enter into a memorandum of agreement with other agencies for the 19th avenue transit quarter. this will focus on the ocean view line and shifting it from the median to the west side of the street. this study will look at related pedestrian and bicycle improvements and also look at potential transit connections from the 19th avenue area. the studies total budget is about $480,000 to be funded by a $300,000 grant from the california department of transportation that we won earlier last year. there will be a local match. the transportation authority has private partners that will be contributing to this study for a
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total amount of $90,000. san francisco state university and these downtown gallery a mall have pledged to contribute money as part of the local match. that leaves about $100,000 for the remainder of the local match. this study is in its startup phase and staff has been bringing needed action items to the board for approval that includes the appropriation i just talked about that was approved in november of 2011 by a resolution and also, in february of this year, we brought a contract award that was later approved. this request is for a memorandum of agreement to transfer funds to the transportation agency and
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planning department 4 their participation in this study. we will be looking to them providing about $60,000 to help review the light rail design alternatives that we would be generating in the study and look at light rail and bus operational aspects of the study. we will be looking to the planning department to coordinate with the steady and we understand these downtown galleria mall is interested in doing improvements to its site and we will be asking the planning department to coordinate that work. >> i used to take union and i could see how moving it to the center lane would be a big improvement. but i had a big improvement of the private institutional partners.
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how much are they contributing? how much? >> they are contributing about $90,000 in total. >> there was a briefing on the item and it was supported nine- one. outreach will be a part of this study. it is not in this scope of work to provide the scope planning to participate. we do plan to provide outreach the study. we have indicated we will provide the outreach scope at a later date. just to conclude, we are seeking a recommendation to enter into themoa.
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supervisor chu: what are the boundaries on 19th avenue? is it the entire corridor or only around parker said? >> it extends north to about eucalyptus drive and down south to the county line. we are looking at the portion that carries an ocean view to the light rail line. supervisor chu: in terms of the area is bounded by where ocean view would change, are you going to be doing impact on the key intersections? it may not be the entire corridor but something that is transferrable going north? >> we would be looking at a steady of the intersection where there may be a potential impact from doing anything to the intersections along 19th ave. >>supervisor chu: so that could
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extend for the north? >> yes. supervisor wiener: is there any public comment on item number four? please approach. >> this agenda item is very important to many students who live and work around the state university. what we need it decides what the cac member has stated is qualify input from senior citizens and those with disabilities. right now, when you take the light rail and it stops by the state university, the state university, because we fought for it for a long time has made arrangements for people that are challenged to be taken from one
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spot to the other. we need to see that similar arrangements are made when this track is moved to where it has to be moved. as the cac member, i am going to state let's not put this type of adjudication in the hands of the planning department. whatever is stated here, the land use, i don't know who is in charge of the land use that knows about such things, we need to get the university students involved because that is going to impact them drastically. if it does not benefit them, they cannot afford to spend more money on transportation. they are already burdened with tuition. there is going to be a
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demolition of a large area in the park merced. we need the input from the commercial sector because they stand to benefit. basically, we need more input from the grassroots constituents who take public transportation. i take public transportation. when you take public transportation and want to take public transportation, very few people will come here because they don't have their time and they don't want to waste time. we have to make every effort to take concrete matters, to have outreach to the university students. [tone] to the people who lived around park merced and other residents
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impacted who will be linked to 1970. this is very, very critical. the supervisor is not here, but maybe he is listening to it. he should conduct some community meetings to add to the impact. thank you very much. supervisor wiener: is there any further public comment? seeing none, public comments is closed. without objection, that will be the order. we will now go back to item no. 3. >> item #3, state and federal legislative update. this is an action item. >> good morning, commissioners. and the deputy director for policy and programming at the authority. i'm going to quickly give you a status update on the federal legislative program and i will
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introduce juanita martinez to speak to the state legislative program. since the last finance committee meeting, the president signed a 90-day extension of the service transportation program. no changes from current law. it extends the bill through june 30, 2012. june 30 is likely the last date prior to the november elections that congress can realistically complete a multi-year bill. , we bump up against the summer recess and follow -- following that, we bump up against the summer recess. then congress returns from recess which goes until april 16 and the senate has already passed maps 21 which with a two- year bill and now it's more like a 15-month bill to take the transportation program to the end of fiscal year 13 and the house has yet to pass a bill and
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will be in deliberations as soon as that returns from recess. with that, i will turn the podium over to juanita who can talk about the bills we are recommending support for in this current rocket which begins on page 13 on the legislative matrix. >> sorry for my tardiness. traffic from sacramento is a bit much today. supervisor wiener: it's ok. there is a lot of party is going on today. >> i would like to direct your attention to the matrix which was recently amended to require the representative on the mpc to be a citizen of san francisco. this will grant san francisco 3 slots which will be on par with the alameda and santa clara
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counties. we are recommending support on ab57. onto the second bill on page 8 of your matrix, we are also recommending a watch on this bill. this bill authorizes this transfer of the inner-city rail service from caltrans to a new jpa which would be similar to the capitol corridor trains. then ab1780 on page 9 of your matrix, we recommend a support position on this. this bill requires caltrans to fund project reports for local funding projects on state highway system, specifically the project initiation document. this is a self-help bill to maintain caltrans fundin


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